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Jamie Boder: Co- Founder

I was diagnosed with AS in 2016 and I was drawn to dread and despair. I could barely walk and was fearful about my future. I went to a support group and met Geoff who introduced me to yoga. After the first session I woke up to the realisation that this could be a huge part of recovering my life. I practised consistently every single day and began to see huge changes. The day I met Geoff I had a vision that one day I wanted to share this practice with as many people as possible and 6 years later here we are. I am a qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer with experience of working with hundreds of people with AS both in a class and one to one setting. I always teach the people in front of me. I personalise each practice to suit people's abilities and experiences of AS.

Jamie, 25, is a keen skateboarder which he is now able to enjoy again. He loves time with friends, family and being out in nature.
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Geoff Lindsay: Co- Founder

My first AS symptoms were when I was 24, in 1973. So I do truly know how you feel. I started regular yoga practice in 1990. It made me feel good but I didn't know why or how. I came to realise that this yoga practice was helping my AS. Meeting so many other people with AS in my local AS support group over several years, I realised that we had to develop yoga for the different presentations of AS dis/ability, with the main aim of relieving pain, stiffness and fatigue. Then I met Jamie Boder, who has AS and became a yoga teacher. Together we co-founded Yoga for AS. Now here we are in 2022, astonished. We have a worldwide community of >3000 people with AS, all wanting to develop safe regular practice of Yoga for AS. I teach yoga modified for AS and for the people with AS in my class. Above all I want people to enjoy their practice.

Geoff is a Retired Registered Social Worker, married to Cathy for 46 years, two wonderful grown up children and their partners, and two wonderful grandchildren.
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Our vision is to show people with AS that they can practice yoga safely and effectively.
It is clear that stretching, breathing, strengthening, relaxation techniques and mindfulness have the power to change the lives of people with AS.
We want to show the world that with the right guidance and expertise yoga can work for you! 
Jamie and Geoff
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