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I receive advice to exercise on a regular basis from my care team. But there is little about physical activity that does not result in pain for me and most of us with AS. Through lessons I've attended with Jamie and Geoff, I am learning that it is possible to move in ways that do not result in pain. Lessons are carefully adapted for each person present in class, keenly targeting problem areas. My tolerance for movement is slowly improving. I have finally found an activity that offers some relief to my AS.
I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and had heard that Yoga could help. Through the AS news letter I became aware of YogaForAS.com. Boy, am I glad I did. My wife and I had several Zoom meetings with Geoff before he designed exercises especially for me. He then recorded the exercises and sent it to me. I do my exercises just about every day with Geoff’s recording running on my computer monitor. What an eye opener Yoga has been for me, thanks to Geoff and Jamie who share this disease with me.
Working with Jamie was a great decision, he is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. His calm demeanour made me feel at ease and it was comforting to speak to someone who understands what it’s like to live with AS. Jamie was patient in listening to the issues I have with movement and made a program which was adapted to my restrictions, whilst still improving mobility. After being consistent with the program for a few months my overall movement has improved dramatically. I’m excited to continue making progress in mobility with my daily practice. Thank you Jamie for your help, the results of sticking with the program have improved my life quality and I’m grateful for the work you do. Fully recommend to anyone struggling with AS! 
Like most people with AS I'm always looking for ways to keep my symptoms at bay and stay healthy and for me movement is a really important part of that. So, for me discovering Yoga for AS was a real Godsend because the exercises are safe, and they help me feel confident in my body they help me feel safe that I'm not risking injury. The fact that the instructors have AS themselves I think is a huge plus, because the guys really understand which areas of the body are vulnerable, which areas really need to be stretched, how to breakdown inflammation and how to do so in a safe way. Since I've been doing Yoga for AS I have increased my range of movement and my flexibility. My rheumatologist noticed a real difference at my last visit which was fantastic, and I just feel that it's given me something for myself something to help me keep moving and I'm really appreciative of the programme. 
I came to Jamie in August 2020 when I had been really struggling. He was attentive, listened to what I wanted to get out of the practice and developed a plan for full body yoga which didn't aggravate the pain I was then experiencing. Since then, I have been practising regularly, sometimes for short periods and some longer sessions. Together, we have designed a programme that I know I can trust will help on the really bad days, and ultimately gives me hope that I can improve. He also helped me open my mind to other lifestyle factors, particularly breathing when stretching, which are starting to help with my pain and stress levels. With Jamie's help, I really do see a future where I can do the things I used to and enjoy life again.

I would never have imagined I could do one hour of yoga at 9 am on a Monday morning! The class has finished and I feel more relaxed now than when I started. I could feel the stretches as we did them but now I feel the benefit of doing them. The pigeon pose lying down was a revelation and one I will be using daily. Thank you. I am excited for the next class now.
Heather (Ireland)
I just wanted to thank Caroline for her workshop yesterday.
My body coped with holding the poses, and it was deeply relaxing.
And I felt a renewed sense of energy and calmness for the rest of the day!
Looking forward to getting the recording so that I can practice again!
Mandy (United Kingdom)
Thank you so much for the free yoga class yesterday, I really enjoyed it and have decided that I would like to continue. For the first time in many months, I went straight to sleep last night - as soon as my head hit the pillow. This is a very rare occurrence! and I’m sure the yoga had something to do with it.

Carrie (Wales)
Thank you guys! Honestly, in my 15 years of journey with AS, I've felt that this set of exercises is probably the best to prevent any damage from early on if practiced daily.
"I really enjoyed the class. Geoff does a great job of explaining everything and why the stretches and poses are beneficial for us. I also like that he gives verbal queues to help achieve the correct pose, reminding where different parts of the body should be positioned to be safe and correct. It’s great to be feeling a greater range of movement. I’ll be back!"
Heather (United Kingdom)
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