What is the Virtual Library?

It’s an online library of 20 Yoga for AS Courses 

When you subscribe, you get access to the whole library.

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Virtual Library 
Billed monthly

£15 each month and access the whole virtual library for that month


Virtual Library 
Billed annually - Save £30

£150 once a year and access the whole virtual library for the next 12 months 

Yoga for AS Live Online Classes
These are additional to the Virtual Library.
Classes are offered from £20 a month. 

The Yoga Courses

9 whole body Courses, each Course modified for different needs. 
Foundations is the simplest Yoga for AS course. Course 8 is the most intensive. 
We advise you start on Foundations, then Course 1 and so on, for your safety. 
You get detailed teaching of each yoga pose and then you follow along in real time to videos of 15, 30 or 60 minutes of the Course you are on.

Yoga for specific areas of discomfort and stiffness

Currently there are 6 Courses:

3 Courses in Yoga to Protect your Neck
3 Courses in Yoga for Sacroiliac (SI) joints

Each has 3 different options to choose from

These are the most commonly requested video tutorials and follow alongs for yoga for specific areas of the body

Non physical yoga practices

As well as all the physical practices, there are many non physical practices that can help to manage AS.

There is breath work, meditation and non- sleep deep rest. 

You get: Detailed teachings, plus the follow alongs for you to copy in real time.

Yoga for other features and symptoms of AS

Currently there is:
Yoga for Fatigue
Warm Ups

This is ranked highest in the Yoga for AS member requests. 
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