Jamie introduces Breathwork

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"The breath is accessible. Everybody can practice breathwork and there is mounting evidence to support its power."
- Jamie, Yoga for AS

Welcome to Breathwork 

In recent years there has been a lot more coverage on the importance of healthy breathing  habits, and how the breath can play a key role in how we feel day to day.

This course will:

- Introduce the science of breathing.
- Teach functional breathing.
- Introduce breathing mechanics.
- Discuss breathing and its relationship to pain.
- Introduce how the breath can regulate our nervous system. 
- Teach a wide variety of breathwork techniques to learn and then follow along to.

What you get

  • 6 Videos on the science of breathing, functional breathing, breathing mechanics, breathing and its relationship to pain, the breath and the nervous system. 
  • 5 tutorials of different of breathwork practices.
  • 4 follow alongs of different of breathwork practices.
Meet the yoga teacher

Jamie Boder

“I see yoga as like an adjustable spanner. I aim to show you how you can harness this tool and modify it to fulfil your needs”.
- Jamie
Patrick Jones - Course author
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