Jamie introduces Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

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"Easily the most powerful yoga practice to reduce fatigue".
- Jamie, Yoga for AS.

Welcome to Relaxation

Non sleep deep rest (NSDR) 

In this course we practice a form of Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR).

This is called Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga. 

Yoga Nidra involves finding a restful position, lying down or any other comfortable position that feels right for you. You can also do this from sitting on a chair.

Nidra involves listening to an audio. You can listen with earphones/ headphones if you have them, not essential though.

Nidra progressively trains the body into a deeply restful state similar to deep sleep.

You can come out feeling rested

Yoga Nidra may help with fatigue. 

There are three different lengths, 10, 18 and 30 minutes.

What you get

  • There are three different Yoga Nidra classes for you to choose from: 10, 18 and 30 minutes.
Meet the yoga teacher

Jamie Boder

“I see yoga as like an adjustable spanner. I aim to show you how you can harness this tool and modify it to fulfil your needs”.
- Jamie
Patrick Jones - Course author
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