Warm ups
Jamie introduces Warm Ups

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"Warming up before a yoga practice means safer Yoga for AS".
Jamie  & Geoff

Welcome to Warm Ups

At Yoga for AS we recommend some form of warm up before a physical practice. 

This Course has 4 Warm ups.

One is from a chair, which is the most gentle.

Two are standing with the support of the chair which is moderate.

One is Freestanding which is intense. 

Each warm is taught in a separate video tutorial. 

Then there are the follow alongs: the Warm ups taught in real time for you to copy as you watch. 

What you get

  • Step by step guide to 4 Warm ups plus lots of variations and modifications for you to choose from. 
  • 4 Follow Alongs
Meet the yoga teacher

Jamie Boder

“I see yoga as like an adjustable spanner. I aim to show you how you can harness this tool and modify it to fulfil your needs”.
- Jamie
Patrick Jones - Course author
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