Yoga for SI Joints Course  2
Geoff introduces Yoga for SI Joints Course 2

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Welcome to Yoga for SI Joints Course 2

Many people with AS report this pain that starts in your lower back and goes down through your buttocks and hips.

Course 2 is 4 freestanding moderate poses. 

Each pose is taught in a separate video tutorial. 

All have modifications you can try.  

Then there are the follow alongs, all the yoga poses taught in real time for you to copy as you watch. 

There is an accompanying “Tips from experience” on managing your SI pain. 

Remember to practice Course 1 first, then Course 2, then Course 3. Only move through the Courses if you have practiced thoroughly. 

What you get

  • Step by step guide to 4 freestanding moderate poses, plus lots of variations and modifications to the poses for you to choose from. 
  • So, 4 video tutorials, 35 minutes in all.
  • SI Joints Course 2 follow along is 25 minutes.
Meet the yoga teacher

Geoff Lindsay

"I first had AS symptoms age 24, but started regular yoga practice over 30 years ago. I've learned that Yoga for AS can reduce my pain and possibly also the worsening of my AS. I've had no more fusion since diagnosis 11 years ago. The best bit is that I enjoy yoga".
Patrick Jones - Course author
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